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Future Updates


In the about box, you can click on 

- the webaddress, to go JALcc homepage

- the mailaddress, to send an email

- check for new version, to check and download a new version (checking for a new version can also be automatically)




target platform: win95 / win98 / winME /  winNT / win2000 / win XP

JALcc v2.2

(15 MB)

including JAL V2.1 compiler and lots of TI enhancements

JALcc v2.1

(15 MB)

DON'T use this version for JAL, because demos and libraries are not compatible !!

NOTE: for TI, you must allow to install JAL, because only then you get the TI-code table, sorry for this bug in the install file.

JALcc v2.0

(15 MB)

Full support of JAL v2




Download the installation file in some temporary directory and then execute it. Although some of the supported compilers don't except long filepaths and/or spaces in the filepaths, JALcc takes care about this issue. So you can install JALcc for example in "C:\PROGRAM FILES\JALCC" and JAL and PICbsc will still work correctly.


To install, just run the setup file (clean installation, files are only placed in the directory of your choice, no changes of the registry or whatsoever, except inno installer set some flags to properly uninstall)


To uninstall, run unins000.exe, then delete the directory (to remove files that were changed by the user).


In the complete installation package of JALcc, JAL, PICbsc and all their related files are installed just as they are in the orginal package. Therefor Installing a new compiler version is very simple, just unpack / overwrite everything, starting in the correct directory.



Checking for new Versions

The program can automatically check for new versions (not only for the program itself, but also for the included compilers).

Through the mainmenu item Settings /  



Another way of manual checking for updates, is through the about window:




After starting and confirming the download, JALcc will be closed and the program "PunterSlijper" will be launched. Puntenslijper will download the files and store them in the correct places. After PuntenSlijper has finished, it will launch JALcc again (with the same parameters as it was closed).





Bug reports

If you find any bugs, omissions or have suggestions, please send me an email.

For bug reports, sending an email should preferably be done through the mainmenu "help / send bug report". Sending an email in this way, will attach the programs inifile and the Eureka error logfile, which will help me to locate and hopely solve the problem.




Things that won't be realized

(at least are not to be expected in the near future)



Ideas and bugs to fix in next version(s)

new:Wysiwyg editor for html / rtf , with highligted code insertion

new:Video viewing

new:Presentation mode

new:Flowchart drawing

new:Flowchart codegeneration

new:VeroBoard design

new:Simple schematic drawing

new:Report Generation

new:Website Generation

new:Website Verification

new:Graphical calculator

new:DXF, ... viewer

new:AutoIt codeeditor

new:Backup facility

new:Binary file compare

new:Open Explorer from item in document-tree

new:Wysiwyg editor, store current caret in some html tag

new:formatting, keep caret / selection (settings changed)

new:sub/super/vector glypg dynamisch zetten (key caption door user)

RTF altijd styleset 1 ???


improvement:Better image editor

Tweede keer moeizaam,full size via scrolling of gewoon full size, OF via diagram ??

improvement:CodeEditor, hold caret position while switching macro expansion

improvement:CodeEditor, object treeview, keep expansion points after regeneration 


new: add current active document to tree, just above current tree selection

new: backup facility, subversion + turtoise ?

new: edit button in general viewer

new: code folding in code editor

new: html background color only from template and always to CSS


Intermediate versions, see Bug Reports


V 2.5xx   released  ...

new: Vector editor: Finite State Machine for JAL now uses the case statement

new: Signal WorkBench added


V 2.4xx   released  ...

bugfix: Code Editor, searching in some type of code editors, sometimes crashed

improvement: Wysiwyg Editor, paste Bitmaps (e.g. from (ALT-) print-screen ) are now translated into PNG, which are much smaller

new: Picture Manager, now supports also JPEGtran, which is much faster than ImageMagick

new: Picture Manager , button-actions can now also be done through single keys (see hints)


V 2.3xx   released  ...

bugfix: When editing complex or huge html files, in the wysiwyg editor, the program could consume all processor time (hangs).

new: General Viewer, default extensions extended

new: General Viewer, pdf viewing added (through webviewer)

new: Wysiwyg Editor, scripts in html files are split from the html content and opened in a code editor.

new: Wysiwyg Editor, ctrl-LeftMouseClick on links will open an URL in the general viewer or start the email client

new: Wysiwyg Editor, "target" supported in <a href= ... target=...

new: Wysiwyg Editor, in inifile, you can specify auto save interval and auto save beep: [general] save_interval = <seconds>, save_beep = <0/1>

improvement: Wysiwyg Editor, vertical alignment of table cells can be set for all cells, by changing the setting of the topmost left cell in the table properties window.

improvement: Wysiwyg Editor, image editing now allows large images without scaling them down

improvement: general, document list is now saved before the history list, which improves stability when widows is shutdown, while JALcc is active. It's now also possible the delete the lock-file from within the program.

improvement: Code Editor, if code tree is visible, F5 refreshes the code tree (was only available for TI84)

improvement: Code Editor, compiling starts faster and more reliable

improvement: Code Editor, bookmark clicking gives better focus to editor window


V 2.2   released  28-11-2006

changed: TI-Code Editor, single characters are no longer different showed in code

bugfix: Code Editor, after inserting templates, focus didn't always return to editor (weird windows MDI bug)

bugfix: TI-Code Editor, "p" was not declared uppercase in code table, and JALcc ran into an error

bugfix: TI-Code Editor,  code table of 7E codes contained too much

bugfix: TI-Code Editor, space preservation at the end, through a ; didn't work correctly

bugfix: TI-Code Editor, length of code could be slightly different due to length of program name

bugfix: TI-Code Editor, "Pause" without a parameter (=without a space) wasn't handled correctly

new: (not released) DataAcquisition module with realtime MatLab interface

new: VB-script Code Editor with X-setup decoding ???

new: JavaScript Code Editor

new: TI-Code Editor, export source code to colored html pages

new: TI-Code Editor, code size reported when generating code

new: TI-Code Editor, run selected (with uncommenting selected comment sections, and full procedure support)

new: TI-code Editor: added list of used variables

new: TI-code Editor: procedures made possible

new: TI-code Editor: code optimization, can be switched of for a specific section, result visible in code

new: TI-code Editor: warnings for use of GOTO, explicit IF functions

new: TI-code Editor: continuation character implemented, so lines can be split over more editor lines

new: Code Editor: Alt-F9 = run selected (if applicable)

improvement: TI-code Editor: Code generation 4 times faster

improvement: Wysiwyg Editor: Spell-checker is now machine independent, if the right spell-checker is not available, JALcc looks for another spell-checker for the same language (without changing the settings).


V 2.1   released  18-08-2006

bug fixed: Assembler post processor optimized too much

bug fixed: Helpfile could often not be found (also F1 added as shortcut to language help)

improvement:  Code Editor: pack all files in ZIP, now will also include the assembler file (special for Kyle)

changed: Code Editor: ";;" ends a string item (needed for TI-highlighter, when using optimized code)

bugfix: TI-code Editor: Newly created files contained nonsense.

new: TI-code Editor: All codes are now read from a normal text file, so everyone can use his one translations.

new: TI-code Editor: Generated codes can be viewed together with the source code

new: TI-code Editor: Pre-compile, with total error listing and jump into error location

new: TI-code Editor: added better examples / templates

changed: TI-code Editor: comment need to to be placed at the beginning of a line

changed: TI-code Editor: indentation is allowed and preserved

changed: INC2JAL, extended with LKR file, now generates all device dependent issues (all demos have changed accordingly)

V 2.0   released  08-08-2006

new:  "Save as", will now add the newly created document automatically in the document list

bug fixed: Batch Launcher: if output was redirected to a non existing directory, launch failed

bug fixed: Access violation when opening an existing vector file

bug fixed: JAL help file couldn't be reached

TODO:  general, replace perform by post !!


V 1.0.7xx   intermediate release, only for TI-basic  ...

bug fixed:  Wysiwyg Editor: clicking on anchor list, sometimes produced an access violation

bug fixed:  General: Multiple Instances with the same ini-file were possible

bug fixed: General Viewer: can now also be closed from menu (checks works too now) and right-click on tab

bug fixed: Paths with point(s) in it caused errors, because JPR file generation was wrong

bug fixed: General: When no audio files were located in the document list, pressing the playbutton gave access violation.

new: General: history list of all opened documents

new:  JAL: wizard to generate code for multiply by real constant

improvement:  General: Minimized drop: better minimalization (to system tray) and hints for different drop regions

improvement:  Wysiwyg Editor: insertion of rows/columns, you can now specify a number

improvement:  Wysiwyg Editor: better Find implementation + F3 / Shift-F3 = FindNext / FindPrevious

improvement:  Wysiwyg Editor: Printing of header text is better above the content

new:  Wysiwyg Editor: Formula Editor

new:  Wysiwyg Editor: Spell Checker

new:  JAL Code Editor: macro added: Write_String   Device = "this is a string example", inclusive the special backslash characters (except the numerical one)

new:  JAL Code Editor: macro added: String_Function  Function = "this is a string example"

improvement:  JAL Code Editor: compiler settings are simplified and extended.

improvement:  JAL Code Editor: if compiles ok, the compiler message is scrolled down to the real results

improvement:  JAL Code Editor: printing main JAL file, didn't correctly include/exclude project overview

changed:  JAL Code Editor: some literals defined as "preprocessor" (description, include, mac, macro)

changed:  JAL Code Editor: sometimes JAL error messages were ignored due to warnings in the same line

improvement:  INC2JAL translation: for all pseudo vars "put", also a normal variable is declared (workaround for a compiler bug/weakness)

improvement:  Code Editor: Ctrl-Enter now sets focus on newly opened document

improvement:  Code Editor: Search in multiple files, can now ignore comment lines

changed:  Code Editor: template representation and editing is now done through a highlighter

improvement:  General: deleting an item from the document list, leaves the focus on the document list, so

next item can be deleted.

improvement:  General: Launching from treeview improved, now logging into non-secure sites like this works:

changed:  Picture Manager, thumbnails caching disabled (created huge files)

V 1.0.6xx   intermediate release, only for TI-basic  ...

CHANGE:  the name of the project files was ambiguous, it is changed now, so some small setting features might be lost once

CHANGE:  General: F11,F12 exchanged, because a lot of programs already set a standard for F11="simplify layout": F11=toggle document list, F12=show anchor list

improvement:  Minimization on deactivation improved

bug:  CodeEditor: due to the ambiguous project file, bookmarks settings were not always correctly restored 

bug:  CodeEditor: search in files didn't work when started from library file

improvement:  CodeEditor: search (in files), when searched is finished, individual files can be selected

new:  JAL CodeEditor, RM, store all source files in the current project in 1 ZIP file

bug:  JAL CodeEditor, zip file creation of total project sometimes got a very weird path.

improvement:  General, statusbar colors can now be set by the user

bug:  TI-basic: now we really think all codes are available

new:  General: general viewer has edit button now

new:  General: status of general viewer is remembered

new:  General: application icon can be selected by the user (valuable when more than 1 instance is running)

improvement:  General: minimization behaviour improved and user can select application icon

new:  Wysiwyg Editor: right clicking on an item in the anchor table, inserts a link into the document

improvement:  Wysiwyg Editor: edit item properties / links, focus to edit box

bug:  Hex Editor: Number of columns now can only be set by spinbutton (prevents illegal values)

bug:  Vector Editor: On open and close, on some systems error occured due to a mixed onidle events (for the moment onidles removed, RM-menu might not be complete accurate right now).

V 1.0.5xx   intermediate release, only for TI-basic  ...

change:  Wysiwyg Editor, mousewheel scrolling is reduced to 1/4 of a page (was whole page)

bug:  Wysiwyg Editor, Pagebreak is read correctly

bug:  Wysiwyg Editor, RM-menu some items were wrongly grayed

bug:  Wysiwyg Editor, sometimes a space between different fontstyles disappeared

new:  Wysiwyg Editor, with F11 a clickable anchor list will be shown

new:  CodeEditor, Matlab highlighter added

new:  CodeEditor, added "string" type to some code editors

new:  JAL CodeEditor, export of code-highlighter and documentation to html files (with links)

new:  JAL CodeEditor, from the mainjal file, create a zip-file containing all relevant source files

new:  JAL CodeEditor, macro pJAL_RPD added

bug:  JAL CodeEditor, print(preview) of main JAL file, didn't print all included files

bug:  JAL CodeEditor, files that were included by macros are also traced in the codetree

new:  General: F12 toggles visibility of document list

improvement:  General, minimization and loosing drop icon when moving to a smaller screen improved

bug:  General: maintab, Opening the maintab in the tree, generated error message 13, every 10 seconds

bug:  General: initial mainicon wrong

new:  General: alarmclock added

bug:  Vector Editor, crashed since last version

improvement:  music control buttons will stay on top, also with small treeviews

improvement: taskbar description changed to name of active inifile, specially usefull when running more instances

improvement:  Treeview, hints didn't always disappear

bug:  TI-basic, pressing F5 more than once, mangled the treeview

bug:  TI-basic, spaces at the end of line were removed, they still are, but if you want to keep there (e.g. a string that's not terminated with a double quote), you can put an "|", signaling the end of a line, which will be ignored in code generation

bug:  TI-basic: opening a non-existing file resulted in an access violation

bug:  TI-basic: Question mark ($3F or $AF) was always translated to EOL, now only $AF translated to EOL,

$3F stays a question mark

bug:  TI-basic: codes added for $5E, when translated back into code, they are translated to $BB codes

           $5E+$80  = u =

                <== ?? still to add $5E+$81 = v =

           $5E+$82  = w =

bug:  TI-basic: $62 is now interpretated as a special double code sequence, this is not yet completed


























V 1.0.4xx   intermediate release, only for TI-basic  10-12-2005

bug:  TI-basic: due to the weird fileassociates of the TI-files, sending to a real TI-device didn't launch

bug:  TI-basic: unknown codes didn't work always, due to extra spaces



V 1.0.3xx   intermediate release, only for TI-basic  7-12-2005

new:  General: Rightclick on maintab closes the file

new:  General: Vector editor, with codegenerator from graphical designed finite statemachines

(opm, nov 2005, newfile in main maakt geen lege file meer aan dd crashed daarop,

html ook, html opgelost,  ??)

new:General: Image manager to get pictures from a camera into your documentation

new:General: Quick Launch buttons + private shortcut directory

new:General: Minimized dropping in document list / active document / weekly document

new:Document List: Tracking Viewer

new:Document List: Search function for document list

new:JAL Code Editor: Opening an INC-file, automatically starts a INC2JAL translator

new:JAL Code Editor: JALcc macros to support the RPD (Rapid Prototyping Board)

new:JAL Code Editor: support for JALxxx compiler


bug:  General: Access violations when no active editor / viewer

          bug:Document List: Copy of node with children, lost data pointers

          bug:Document List: Pasting node with children, lost hierarchy

          bug:Code Editor: Shift-F9, secondary compile didn't work well

          bug:Code Editor: Focus could be completly lost, when poping up the template window. Focus didn't go back to the  active editor window, after inserting from the templates.


  improvement:Code Editor remembers library tree visibility

          improvement:Code Editor find dialog now remembers search in or over files (has to remember more)

          improvement:Code Editor starting find dialog, now closes a multi-file search window


Special for PuntHoofd users

          new:Import of old PuntHoofd trees

          new:Wysiwyg Editor, numbered lists (2 levels) are supported now

          new:Wysiwyg Editor, bullit lists are extended to 2 levels

          new:Wysiwyg Editor, support of tabs (but they still are useless in html)


  change:Wysiwyg Editor, CR in tables is handled normally, shift-CR is enter new row at the end


  improvement:General, "Drops" node can not be deleted

          improvement:General, Minimized drop accepts more drop formats (contents dropping on document list removed for the moment)

          improvement:Wysiwyg Editor, empty lines don't need double space anymore

          improvement:Wysiwyg Editor, textstyles settings improved and extended

          improvement:Wysiwyg Editor, tables single cell coloring, transparent coloring, list support in table cells



V 1.0   released  28-03-2005

          new:too much to mention all here, read the manual !!

          change:too much to mention all here, read the manual !!


NOTE: A few important changes compared to previous versions of JALcc:



For the history before version V1.0 , see  History before V1.0